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I’ve been keeping quiet lately about some of my projects because I haven’t been sure of what’s going to happen and what isn’t. I didn’t want to build myself up only to have myself torn down before anything was even clarified. My god, I’m still so incredibly insecure. But I guess I’m still nervous because this is the first time I’m having anything of mine published. Fortunately, things have been going fairly well and I feel confident enough now to divulge some of these things:

  1. I’m now an intern over at Hobart. My job is to help read and review some of the submissions. This is my first time helping out with any kind of literary journal. Currently I’ve been reading through novellas. I recently heard about how some of the stories that have appeared in Hobart are going to be anthologized this year in The Best American Short Stories series, which is pretty exciting.
  2. I’ve been working on an essay/book review of the novel Zazen by Vanessa Veselka. Specifically, it focuses on characters raised in dystopian societies who refuse to rebel. It’s supposed to run in Paste, although I’m not sure when exactly yet.
  3. I finished writing a guest post for Read.Learn.Write. It’s about my attempts at converting non-readers (specifically, my family) into readers, as well as my own awkward stumbling into the habit of reading. There is a backlog of guest bloggers, but I’ll let you know when it goes up.
  4. I submitted a short story to Little Fiction, but I’m not sure when it will be going up. It might not be for a while. What drew my attention to them originally was the idea of “listerature,” which is a short story form – popularized by Jennifer Egan – written in the form of a list. I decided to try it out myself and liked what came out of it. There’s already been a compilation of listerature already, so maybe they’ll include mine in the next collection.


  1. No one has commented here and I am surprised, so I suppose I will be the first:

    Congratulations on all of this, on being published for the first time. It is so exciting and as someone who has followed you closely for the last year or so (or maybe two years?) I can say it is all well deserved, a better person could not deserve this more than you. I am sure people don't like to me told they deserve anything, but when you have worked as hard as you have and produced such a volume of work as you have, well then I do feel safe to say you deserve this!

    Keep us updated!


    1. Thanks so much, Angela. People have been leaving me nice comments elsewhere though, which has been encouraging – they're just too lazy to comment on here directly I guess. Haha.

      It's your turn now to get something out there. Really. I'd really love to see one of those pieces from your collection reworked into a full short story because some of them had so much wonderful potential.

  2. That's excellent news that you have some projects going forward … they all look interesting … you are on the writing journey. Congratulations.

    I am enjoying your posts very much so do keep them coming.


    1. Thanks, Kay! I appreciate it, and I'll definitely post about any of my other upcoming projects as well.

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