The Weather Sleeps and the Nights Stay Awake

This year has been both fast and quite strange. The weather is cooling down for once and being consistent with its pleasant breezes, which never happens during the “winter” holidays in Florida. Usually it is sweltering and uncomfortable and I’m unable to wear all the jackets I want to.

I started being brave. I sent out my writing to all different places. Now I can’t stop. I’ve written essays, articles, short stories, poetry. I got published both online and in print publications. I got paid sometimes for this, which was exciting. I’ve received contributor’s copies. I’ve made a lot of new writer friends that I wish I could meet in real life. Maybe someday. For now, it will have to be letters and emails and tweets.

My friend Kelsey has been putting together an online magazine that features interviews with all kinds of artists. She has been rolling out a lot of them lately. You can read it here. You should also read Thistle Magazine because it’s gorgeous.

Speaking of gorgeous magazines, here is the inaugural issue of Foxing Quarterly:

If you look closely, you might see something special. Hint: Notice the books.

The first issue features my poem, “Settling on a Freckled Shoulder.” There was even a release party at a bookstore in Austin, Texas to celebrate. Music, readings, food. I really wish I could have gone. But I will let you all know where you can get your hands on a copy once I get mine. The cover is by Jim Rugg.

I also put together another mix tape to go with this peaceful weather and I hope you like it:

The Week the Weather Slept from josephdante on 8tracks Radio.


  1. We may not know each other very well but I am so proud and glad to be in such company.

    1. I'm glad to know you too, Robby! Even just a little bit. I can't wait to see more of your reviews and what you're going to write once you get into college and the books you're going to write afterward. It's all going to be great, I have a feeling.

  2. Congratulations Joseph! I've so enjoyed reading your pieces and I'm so glad I've met you (in a way!) this year, you're such an inspiration.
    p.s you've made me imagine going to a book/magazine release party and I think it is a new life goal of mine to attend one some day.

    1. Thank you so much, Kelsey. I'm glad we found each other too! And I think that is a great goal to have.

  3. Congratulations – I am happy for you!

  4. So glad to read of your exciting year as a writer. Thanks for sharing via this blog. I enjoy my newsfeed regularly, and continue to be inspired by your output. My own writing has been mostly book reviews and I shall continue them I think as opportunity is given. However I am also psyching myself towards 2013 being a little more focused to my own creative ideas that I hope to turn into stories. So again – thanks for the posts. KH

    1. Thanks so much, Kay!

      Don't underestimate yourself though – we need our critics too! In fact, I think we need more attentive readers now more than ever before. Good, thorough reviews are really important. Here's to another fruitful year of writing for the both of us!

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