Here We Are (Again)

Hello, welcome to my little corner of the internet. I guess it’s official now, even though there have been countless other iterations. You know how it is being a twenty-something in the year 2011.

You’ll probably notice that this place is quite bare right now, but hopefully that will change in time. Hopefully, if things go right, there will be plenty of stories for you to read (some published elsewhere, some that I dig up) and little anecdotes from life to gawk at. Probably things mostly literary: writers, writing, books. Maybe some movies, songs, and video games too.

A funny thing about me to start you off: I never really envisioned myself as a writer when I was young. I saw myself as plenty of other strange things (botanist, puppet master, teacher of imaginary students and never real ones), but the thought of writing being an actual thing you work towards or any kind of discernible identity that people attached themselves to wasn’t something I considered. Probably because it was something I always did—it was a part of life like breathing and bathing, and it was never a chore. I never had those romantic notions like those little feral library children had, and I still don’t really. I just take it more seriously now.

I first started writing on the internet when I was a teenager. At the time, my high school teachers were encouraging me to write more because they clearly saw something I didn’t. My family always told me I had a vivid imagination, like any good, abnormally non-dysfunctional family would do, but it was my teachers that really gave me direction. So I kept at it and ended up winning some awards for my stories at a literary fair. I won some prize money. I starting reading a lot of books on my own, wrote in my journal, and took creative writing classes. Hopefully this blog will be much more refined and thoughtful than what I was writing online back then (just thinking of some of my entries in my old journal makes me literally nauseous from embarrassment).

Don’t ever be afraid to send me a story of your own or tell me about a book that you like. I’m a voracious listener and I’ll eat your words up. If you want to write to me, you can email me at, or drop me a comment on here. See you all soon!

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  1. I'm loving the way this looks! and I am so glad one of the plugins worked for you! YAAY!


    1. I like how it came out too. Thanks, M!

  2. this looks great, i've followed your burning stories for awhile and will enjoy watching what happens here…

    1. Thanks, Robert! And welcome.

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