Carousel #3

I don’t have much to post here this week because I’ve been busy working on writing things and spending less time just scouring the internet. Hopefully I’ll have things to post about my writing soon. Anyway, enjoy!

  1. I stumbled across the artwork of Baran Sarigul. Love when metaphors and symbols become real and lush like this. Particularly here and here.
  2. Writer Jonathan Franzen has notorious unpopular opinions and one of these is being stubbornly opposed to all forms of social networking. The thing is, he’s already a well-known writer and he doesn’t even know (or has to know) a thing about it. Roxane Gay wrote this excellent post that pretty much encapsulates my opinions as well.
  3. Infamous Latina writer Isabel Allende visited my alma mater and discussed her books, the writing process, language, her family, her idea of being a stranger in a strange culture, and feminism. Charming and outright hilarious woman.
  4. My friend Nikki recently discovered the website Least Helpful, which seeks out the internet’s least helpful (and most hilarious) product reviews. Just take a glance at those reviews of Animal Farm. Do people like this actually exist on this planet?
  5. Here is a short list of recommended books for teenagers who want to be better writers. I’ve only read His Dark Materials, but this seems like a pretty decent list (The Shadow of the Wind is sitting on my bookshelf though!).


  1. I laughed really hard at some of the Least Helpful reviews.

    Oh, but then I almost cried harder at the ones pertaining to literature…

    1. I had the same kind of reaction. Haha.

      1. I got all the way to the page where there was a review for Beowulf and I was just like SDJLFDSJKLDFSJKLFDSJKLF CLOSE TAB CLOSE TA CLOSE TAB I HAVE LOST MY FAITH IN HUMANITY CLOSEEEE.

        I'm not sure some of these people are for real, but if they are… God help us all.

        PS: I love this series. It makes me hate/love the internet a little bit more. Keep it up, Joseph.


        1. You're welcome, Angela. More to come!

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