Carousel #15

  1. Here’s a neat idea: a subscription service where your favorite cultural icons put together mail goodies for you that are personally meaningful. You can see all the different people doing this at Quarterly Co.
  2. The Nobel Prize winner for literature was announced recently: the Chinese writer, Mo Yan.
  3. An online friend of mine posted a list from her creative writing syllabus called, “A Bad Poem: The Satanic Six.” She mentioned to me how, although the class itself was not very inspiring, she had to keep the list itself. It’s perfect.
  4. Check this out: Storyswaps! A cozy place where two writers read each other’s stories. Here is one from Casey Hannan and Molly Laich.
  5. More news on literary awards: Hilary Mantel won this year’s Man Booker prize. Apparently it’s her second time winning it. I’ve only just heard of her recently. The New Yorker did a profile on her and you should read it.
  6. Writing about my paper hoarding habits this week, I happened upon this blog of some truly great papercrafting.


  1. Thanks for the post Joseph. The links are great.

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