Take Me Away

I’ve been escaping into alternate worlds. This was my favorite pastime as a child and I’ve missed doing this. Falling down the rabbit hole. I read about these fantasies, dreamt of them, explored their vast landscapes in videogames. I’d watch movies like Return to Oz and become obsessed. I grew up alongside Harry Potter. I wanted to inhabit these worlds…

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Fall Fragments

The cool, dry air pays a visit like an old friend. My skin is glowing but my eyes are tearing. I have a short prose poem in the fall issue of Unbroken Journal. It is ominous, as most writing is these days. Someone asks me, “What do you write?” I freeze. You’d think I’d be able to answer this by…

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Recommended Reading #7

“32 Names for Future Hybrid Tulips” by Traci Brimhall “Magic City Ruse” by Ariel Francisco “The Field of Rooms and Halls” by Richard Siken “Kitchen Coven” by Avra Elliott “Vows (for a gay wedding)” by Joseph O. Legaspi “Adolescence” by Nin Andrews “Sea Church” by Aimee Nezhukumatathil “Essay on Craft” by Ocean Vuong “Science and Magic: Wind in Seven Hayao…

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"Speak Up" by Kyle Thompson
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Finding (My) Voice

This isn’t about writing style like you might think, or about carving out my own identity in the literary landscape. This is about actual voice and how I’m trying to change it. I’ve always been soft-spoken. You’d think by now I’d be used to being talked over, interrupted, and not allowed to finish a thought. But just like the role…

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On Prose Poetry

Not too long ago, I didn’t know exactly what prose poems were, but I suspected I’d been writing them for a while. I just assumed they were hybrid poems that emphasized the narrative over the lyrical. Apparently I was both right and wrong. In order to better understand what I was doing or what I could do, I read A…

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