Carousel #11

  1. Ray Bradbury passed away recently. I read Fahrenheit 451 when I was in middle school. I believe we also watched the movie adaptation of Something Wicked This Way Comes, although I used to think it was just a bad dream I had. I never really got around to reading more of his work until recently, but he was quite a prolific author – especially when it came to short stories. Here’s a story I think you’ll like.
  2. Here’s a hilarious post by Amanda Nelson about awkward encounters with writers at book signings. I’ve never actually met a really famous writer that I admire, but I honestly don’t even think I would want to because I wouldn’t know what to say either.
  3. Here’s a few of Sylvia Plath’s sketches.
  4. A friend of mine, Frankie, loves Sarah Kane. She talks about her at every opportunity and she want you to know that you should read her too. If you’re unfamiliar, Sarah Kane was a rather controversial English playwright who committed suicide in 1999. She handled difficult and dark subjects, and her work is characterized by being very abstract and unconventional for plays. They are also very stripped down and emotionally raw. You can read 4.48 Psychosis here. A bit of a warning though: it’s about the author’s struggle with depression and acts as a suicide note, so I wouldn’t read it if you’re already in a certain state of mind. Read it in the morning or on your lunch hour, when you still feel fresh.
  5. I’ve been receiving a lot of rejections lately, so seeing this ridiculous list of famous writers being rejected gives me some hope at least.

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