Queer Bodies

The end of the year posts are coming, I assure you. There’s still the retrospective, resolutions, and uncapping the memory jar. Let’s just say that I am optimistic about the new year and that is coming from me. Where are my Daria glasses?

I almost don’t want to look back at all.


Although it is nearly the end of the year, I just wanted to let you all know that my short story, “Dysmorphia,” is featured in the BODIES issue of Cactus Heart. You can order a copy for yourself here. It’s quite a diverse offering. You will find many writers across the LGBTQ spectrum, voices from the margins. Stories about self-image, gender, coping with illness. I’m happy to be in such good company.

Permafrost also wants to publish a poem of mine in an upcoming print issue. It’s dedicated to a long-time online friend who quietly suffered through drug addiction. I’ll post that when the issue is out.

If you’d like to follow, I now have an Instagram account: @lettersforburning. My sister made me get it. There will be no letters on fire, but you can look forward to books, book quotes, and probably food.

See you all soon.

List of Literary Journals for LGBTQ Writers, Women, and Writers of Color

In a previous post, I mentioned my desire to compile a list of journals and presses that exclusively focus on publishing underrepresented voices, such as women, LGBTQ writers, and writers of color. I’ve finally managed to pull something together that hopefully may prove to be a good starting point and resource for those writers who may wish to find a good home for their writing. Or maybe readers who wish to read more widely or diversely. Or editors who strive to be more inclusive. Quite a few of these are intersectional magazines too (women of color, Latino/a queer writers, etc.).

If you know of any that are not mentioned here, don’t be afraid to send me a message! I’ll try to update it whenever I make a new discovery.

(Note: I tried to focus only on those journals and presses that seem to be still open to submissions and aren’t yet defunct. Last updated: 11/4/2017)


Arktoi Books
Chelsea Station
The Gay & Lesbian Review
Gertrude Press
Headmistress Press
Impossible Archetype
Lambda Literary
Lavender Review
Lethe Press
Plenitude Magazine
Raspa Magazine
Seal Press
Sibling Rivalry Press
Sinister Wisdom
Topside Press


Bone Bouquet
Broad! Magazine
CALYX Journal
Cordella Magazine
Damselfly Press
dancing girl press
The Dorothy Project
Halo Lit Magazine
Hyacinth Girl Press
Lumen Magazine
Luna Luna Magazine
Minerva Rising
Minola Review
Nightwood Journal
Quaint Magazine
ROAR Magazine
Room Magazine
The Riveter
So to Speak
Two Serious Ladies
WomenArts Quarterly

Writers of color:

Acentos Review
Asian American Literary Review
CHA: An Asian Literary Journal
Kartika Review
Manoa Journal
Mascara Literary Review
The Missing Slate
Mosaic Magazine
Palabra Literary Magazine
Redbone Press

Etc. (diversity, underrepresented voices):

Arsenal Pulp Press
Apogee Journal

Calamus Journal
Duende Literary
Ghost Ocean Magazine
MIEL Books
Muzzle Magazine
Nat. Brut
The New Engagement
The Offing
Polychrome Ink
Solstice Literary Magazine
Tarpaulin Sky
Waxwing Journal
Yes, Poetry