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Recommended Reading #3

A Field Guide to Surreal Botany, edited by Janet Chui and Jason Erik “Glass Box” by Sandra Simonds “The Math Is Bad” by Casey Hannan On the Edges of Vision by Helen McClory “Smooth Body, Smooth Mind” by Paul Rusconi “Psychic in Reykjavik” by Fatima Bhutto “Anthropogenesis, or: How to Make a Family” by Laura van den Berg “A Hierarchy…

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Forget Your Nerves

I have been typing and typing, but no words. Numbers instead. Little robot doing repetitive tasks. The nerves are dead. Open your hands for me. They’re too soft. I can almost feel the blood. They might make nice replacements. In November, I attended the Miami Book Fair with an old friend from college. We had the same creative writing professor…

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Small Stories, Small Spaces

I am not going to launch into a reintroduction or make excuses because I promised I wouldn’t last time. I will just say things as they are. A few months ago, I was asked to help read submissions for Keyhole Magazine, which I happily agreed to. They now have a new online portion to the magazine and it’s worth a…

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