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Recommended Reading #4

“The Village with All of the Boyfriends” by Zachary Doss “The Murder Sounds” by Amy Silverberg “How to Spend Your Time Before the Renegade Planet Makes It All Go Dark” by Justin Lawrence Daugherty “Grief as Mythos” by Brandon Taylor “Let’s Not Begin” by Maggie Smith “How the End Begins” by Cynthia Cruz “Ten Step Tulpamancy” by Kia Groom “Beach…

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Let’s Play

It has been far too long. I promise that will be the last time I write that on here. Fortunately, I do have things to say. Mostly, I’ve been writing for myself. When are you not, you might ask. Well, let’s be more specific: I have been writing in my notebook and none of it has been fiction or poetry.…

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Carousel #17

There is a documentary about writers and what they define as “bad” writing, called Bad Writing. You can watch it here for free for the entire month of January. Give it a watch! Featuring a lot of different writers, including Margaret Atwood and David Sedaris. Want to know the specific name for practically every group of animals? Have a huge…

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Relating to Unrelatable Characters

I have a new guest post up over at ReadLearnWrite. I’ve written about this issue before, but it was only recently after watching Fran Lebowitz talk about it in Public Speaking that it really started making perfect sense to me. I just can’t stand when people dismiss good pieces of literature just because the characters or experiences they describe are…

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Janie’s Scrapbook

I found something buried in one of my bottom shelves today and I thought I would dust it off a bit and share. Back in high school, I took advanced placement English classes that not only required a lot of reading and essay writing, but a lot of creative projects as well. One of these projects was putting together a…

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