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Category: memory jars

The 2016 Memory Jar Project



  • “Rock the Arts” pin
  • “Gamer Pride” pin
  • Florence + the Machine concert headline
  • GaymerX pass w/ name and preferred pronoun
  • Ticket stubs for Bonnie Raitt concert, Mary Chapin Carpenter w/ Rose Cousins concert
  • Invitation to surprise party celebrating friend’s parents’ 30th anniversary
  • Business card from my favorite used bookstore, Finding Forrester’s Books
  • Express pass for Universal Studios
  • Key card from Portofino Bay Hotel
  • Halloween skull pen given to me by coworker, complete w/ glowing eyes and demonic noises
  • Map from San Antonio Museum of Art
  • Map from San Francisco Botanical Garden
  • Pamphlet from San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers
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The 2015 Memory Jar Project



  • Sun Trolley ticket
  • Ticket for a parking garage at Arts and Science Museum, Fort Lauderdale
  • “Positive power pills” from Customer Service Appreciation week
  • Raffle tickets for new car I didn’t win from Nativity Catholic School jamboree
  • The moon I filled with colored sand from the same jamboree
  • “Kiss me, you fool!” message from my sister (I guess it’s her catchphrase?)
  • “Love” from Valentine’s Day
  • Atelier Hachi business card, made by a talented friend
  • Pins from Quaint Magazine: “Misandry,” “(Don’t) Fuck Broets,” “Quaint Magazine,””Vile Misandrist Harpy,” “Alt Lit Is Dead”
  • Some kind of carved bone from an ex (I joked it was human)
  • Sea shell
  • Moonstone (for all the traveling I didn’t do)
  • Card from horse breeding game (featuring my horse, Kronk) printed at Dave and Buster’s
  • “I <3 Kreayshawn” bracelet from my sister
  • Rubik’s Cube from an 80s themed party
  • Business card from my middle school teacher (advertising his books) found in the wild by my sister
  • Ticket stub from Welcome to Night Vale live show at Broward Center for the Performing Arts
  • Consent form from Nova Southeastern University to participate in skin treatment study for research
  • “Two Minutes About Ghosts,” a short story by Amy Tan, found on Chipotle bag
  • Map from Morikami Museum
  • Results from HIV testing (negative)
  • The last Uniform Advantage catalog I worked on before my departure
  • An old office key
  • Scarab bracelet from my sister
  • Panda Express fortune (?): “Important associates will be there for you, if needed”
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The 2014 Memory Jar Project




  • A pen that supposedly lasts for seven years but only lasted one
  • My first ever business card from my new job
  • Admission bracelet for the Miami Book Fair
  • Rubber bracelet that says, “Love for All, Hatred for None,” given to me at the Miami Book Fair
  • Paper heart from my sister that says, “Stay true to who you are / embrace your self esteem”
  • Note from my sister: “Dear Joey, Don’t ever change! <3 Paula”
  • Ticket stubs from the movie Her, The Wind Rises, and The Grand Budapest Hotel
  • Ticket stubs from the premiere of In Bloom and Bridegroom at the LGBT film festival
  • Admission ticket from the Museum of Art – Fort Lauderdale
  • “Bad Feminist” pin, magnet, and (broken) key chain from Roxane Gay
  • Wine cooler bottle cap
  • “Oriental Beauty Tea” packet from Taiwan, given to me by a neighbor
  • A packet of Parks and Recreation trading cards from my sister
  • A One Direction valentine from my sister
  • Lego mini figurine from the movie
  • Sea shells from a friend
  • Rough emerald fragments (my birth stone) from my ex
  • A mosquito fossilized in amber (supposedly millions and millions of years old) from the same ex
  • HIV test results (negative) from the Broward Wellness Center
  • A sticker from the Human Rights Campaign
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