Carousel #8

(A somewhat late carousel. I found a lot of things last week, but I just forgot to keep track of some of them. Sorry!) No Pulitzer Prize was given out for the Fiction category this year. It was quite ... Read More

Carousel #7

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Mark Z. Danielewski, author of House of Leaves, writes a letter to a girl from OKCupid and it’s pretty hilarious. I came across a really fantastic blog called The Book Cover Club, where peop... Read More

Carousel #6

Apparently, there’s been some book banning going on in Arizona in regards to the Mexican-American immigrant experience. I’m still regularly shocked and appalled by the racism and censorsh... Read More

Carousel #5

All I really want for my birthday this year is Scrivener. Sounds absolutely perfect. Have some chiptunes I came across. Music made with a GameBoy, for those not in the know. Here’s an interes... Read More

Carousel #4

I came across the story of Joyce Carol Vincent, a 38-year-old woman from London who died alone at home and whose skeleton wasn’t discovered until three years later. It’s horrible to think... Read More