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Joyce Carol Oates talks about Foxfire‘s newest film adaptation and its relevance to feminism and online internet harassment. Flannery O’Connor reads her short story, “A Good Man Is H... Read More

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You can see what people are reading on the subways over at The Underground New York Public Library. Another great blog I discovered: Pen and Ink. Tattoos and the stories behind them. Many people wer... Read More

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Ray Bradbury passed away recently. I read Fahrenheit 451 when I was in middle school. I believe we also watched the movie adaptation of Something Wicked This Way Comes, although I used to think it was... Read More

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I read this really great essay by Benjamin Hale that addresses the real value of literary prizes and what literature lives on years and years later. Basically, there is mediocre literature winning ton... Read More

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One of my old creative writing professors was named a Guggenheim fellow. Pretty fantastic. A friend of mine called my attention to it and we reminisced about our days in fiction workshop at the Biscay... Read More