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Recommended Reading #8

“What I Miss Most About Hell” by Eugenia Leigh “When I Was Straight” by Julie Marie Wade “American Sonnet for My Past and Future Assassin” by Terrance Hayes “Ellen West” by Frank Bidart “St Zelda’s” by Allison Pinkerton “Woman of the Century” by Claire Polders “The Falling” by Michael Schmeltzer “Saudade” by Traci Brimhall “Self-Portrait as Vessel for Debris” by…

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New Look, New Writing

I’ve changed the look of the site so that it’s more focused on my writing and less just like a personal blog. The blog will still remain for updates and the occasional anecdote I’d like to share, but I don’t want it to be the focus. I’ve updated my list of publications since many of the journals that published my…

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In Memoriam: Zach Doss

I’m devastated and heartbroken to learn of the sudden passing of writer Zach Doss. Although we never got to meet in person, I got to know Zach online through his tweets and his writing. We corresponded through email throughout the years, sharing works-in-progress with each other and offering feedback and support. I loved his fabulist fiction with a queer bent…

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memory jars

The 2017 Memory Jar Project

Contents: Ticket stubs for Garbage & Blondie concert Ticket stubs for the Birch Aquarium Ticket stub for Wonder Woman movie Receipts and tickets to see Roxane Gay at Books & Books Anonymous suggestion from my workplace for improving productivity: “Fire [redacted]” Ticket bracelet for Supercon Play die and game card from GameRoom Cross with rainbow pin Animal Crossing “Pelly” keychain…

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2017: The Retrospective

It seems as if this was a year most people would like to erase or do over, much like last year. There was more political turmoil, disappointment and horror caused by the U.S. government, the public outing of sexual harassers (and worse), racist/fascist awfulness, devastating hurricanes, and the crushing feeling of powerlessness. I can see why people are sharing images…

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