my personal canon

My Personal Canon

Inspired by a post written by Adam on his blog Roofbeam Reader, I’ve decided to compile a list of books and writers that I deem my own personal canon – that is, texts that I continue to go back to, that I’ve deemed important in terms of my own life, that haunt and continue to guide my own writing throughout…

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memory jars

The 2018 Memory Jar Project

Contents: Business card with promo code for the Lockbox Escape Room Business card for Soundbarrier, my husband’s rock band Little figurine of the character Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn Toothpick with mini Texas flag from a lunch in San Antonio Candle and seating card from Melissa and Adam’s wedding GRE test confirmation email Ticket stub from Indigo Girls concert at…

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2018: The Retrospective

This year felt busy, despite the fact that my 2018 memory jar looks a lot emptier than previous years. I did a lot of thinking about my current job situation and resolved to finally take the plunge and apply to MFA writing programs. If accepted, I will be going to school full-time while also teaching some classes as a graduate…

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The Wedding

David and I were married on Dec 9th, 2017 at Tree Tops Park in Davie, Florida. It was a small and intimate event. The time and place were perfect for us. The weather forecast said it was going to be a cold and rainy day, but that was only partially true. It drizzled slightly in the morning but let up…

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anecdotes, updates, writing about writing

Hellos and Goodbyes

October was gone in an instant and November already has one foot out the door. Instead of writing and reading, I was very busy studying for the GRE and applying to MFA programs. I hadn’t done geometry since high school, and hopefully that was the very last time I’ll have to study math again. I had to seek out professors…

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