My name is Joseph Dante. I’m a writer and editor from South Florida. This is where I collect things together.

I’ve been a storyteller all my life (books assembled with construction paper, puppet shows, smudged composition notebooks), but only started believing in literature when I was a teenager. I graduated summa cum laude from Florida International University, where I received my Bachelor of Arts in English and was accepted into Phi Beta Kappa. I received a short story award from Sigma Tau Delta and an academic achievement award from FIU’s English department. I also studied religion and sociology, with an obvious additional emphasis on fiction writing.

I have worked as an editor for several literary journals, including  Hobart, Keyhole Magazine, and Pithead Chapel. Currently, I review journals and interview editors over at The Review Review. I have big eyes and small hands. I sometimes make mix tapes like a teenager.

My passions used to center around energy burnt for escape, but now I’m trying my hardest to find a home in them instead: in the pages of books, the ink of old letters, the pixels of the internet. I fall in love with fictional characters who should be real people and real people who should be fictional characters.

Let’s talk soon.