New Additions, Ideas for Collaboration

I’ve made a few minor changes to this blog, mostly just for the sake of convenience:

  • I’ve added a page for the carousels. You see see them all collected there in one place, as well as some of the other popular features I like to write about on here.
  • I’ve added another page for what I’m currently reading. People often ask me about the books I like, so I thought that would be appropriate to add as well. There’s also my Goodreads page, which I keep updated. I keep track of all the media I consume pretty obsessively. I guess I just like to be consciously aware of it all so that somewhat cogent thoughts may form later on and some writing may happen as a result.

I’ve also been mulling over some ideas for other writing blogs, but they haven’t really congealed quite yet. They’re probably going to be collaborative projects though, so I might be asking for some submissions and input. I really hope some of you will consider submitting after I figure out the details.

Have a good weekend!

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